The Java module in the saxon-resources distribution should compile under Saxon-B - one of the design features of the S9API interface is that you only get run-time failures if Saxon-SA is not present, not compile-time failures. And you can run all the Saxon-B examples by using "nonschema" as the value of the test parameter.
None of these examples use the collection() function. But it should be easy enough to change the query text of one of the examples to include a call on collection(), using the information at to guide you.
Michael Kay

From: Jeff Kish []
Sent: 22 December 2008 17:05
Subject: [saxon] saxon9sapi collection

Is there a trivial java example for the free version that shows how to submit a query using a collection of xml files?
The reason I'm asking is that I couldn't get all the examples to build because some of them seem to depend
on having the pay for more extensive version of Saxon that have somewhat more code in them.

I'm presupposing that the saxon9sapi is the best wayh to go.