I’ve been studying http://saxon.sourceforge.net/saxon6.5.3/extensions.html and I see a lot of nice functions but no code (except XML).

I need some more examples that have C# code that is being called by XSL. I’m thinking of something more like http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/extensions.html where they have some rhino javascript embedded directly in the XSL file.

Except I don’t want rhino javascript, I want C#.


I need to write a function in C# that uses PInvoke to extract some esoteric information on I18N from the OS and emit it via XSL to an XML file.


Can someone show me simple Saxon XSLT extension that calls some C# or python (or I suppose javascript because I guess javascript can use pinvoke too although I cannot remember the syntax) and includes everything I need to reproduce the example (including the XSLT and the C#).