I have logic that maintains the current xpath of a series of documents:

      <path>/rootNode[itg:fts(.,' "information to find" ')]</path>

where itg:fts() is a full text search and the double-quotes in the search string serves to designate a phrase to search instead of tokens.

I want to find the particular document element by matching on the value of path with this evaluation:

String query = "//document[path=\"/rootNode[itg:fts(.,'&quot;information to find&quot;')]\"]";
NodeList nodes = (NodeList) xpath.evaluate(query,documents,XPathConstants.NODESET);

but the evaluation returns no nodes.  I'm expecting the entity &quot; to match the literal double-quote in the element path.  It doesn't seem to work.  There are literal quotes also in the predicate of the string.  Any ideas how to solve this?