We rebuild our Stylesheet Cache (i have found nice examples using synchronized methods here: http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/kit/2004k/ctl257/JavaXSLT/Ch05.html )
Now we cache Templates and not the Transformer itself - like you suggested - and it works like a charme!

Thank you again

On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> wrote:
On 01/07/2010 09:57, Felix Siglreithmaier wrote:
> Dear Michael Kay,
> you´re dead right. i´ve found a bug in our app where under certain
> conditions a Transformer can be used by more than one thread!

Good to know.

It seems to be a habit among Xalan users to reuse the Transformer object
when performing multiple transformations with the same stylesheet. With
Saxon, it's nearly always better to reuse the Templates object which
holds the compiled stylesheet, and to create a new Transformer for each

Michael Kay

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