I’ve written a class for our own collation with xslt and it works nicely. I tried the same syntax for the starts-with() function but without success.

The sort is called like:


<xsl:sort select="." order="ascending" data-type="text" collation="http://saxon.sf.net/collation?class=nl.uva.uba.dpc.xslt.DutchCollation;"/>


In the RulesString I defined the ‘é’ (u00E9) to be sorted like ‘e’


How do I select, say authors, starting with ‘e’, ‘é’, etc.. ??

Like: //author[starts-with(., ‘e’, ‘http://saxon.sf.net/collation?class=nl.uva.uba.dpc.xslt.DutchCollation’)]


The DutchCollation class extends a java.text.RuleBasedCollator (public class DutchCollation extends RuleBasedCollator), the rulesstring is a string like “< a,A < b,B < c,C < d,D < e,E,é”






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