Hi all,

Our Saxon-CE validation service is working on my local machine. When uploaded to the server, one of the cache files fails to load (on pageload):

GET http://varioml.org/js/Saxonce/0C47943B323FFDAF029CFF0ED368E6E6.cache.html 500 (Internal Server Error) js/Saxonce/0C47943B323FFDAF029CFF0ED368E6E6.cache.html:1

.. with the result that , when a Saxon method is called, an uncaught reference error returns that "Saxon is not defined". 

Our license lists our server's domain (Domains=varioml.org varioml.org), where the cache file is indeed present at the address given in the Server error. None of the cache files can be accessed through the browser using such a link, however i can access them on localhost. I checked permissions on the Saxonce files on the server.

Presumably this is a licensing issue. Our server varioml.org is a mapping to a dir on a VM - is it possible this is the cause? Any suggestions?

Best regards,
- Myles
Myles Byrne
IT Specialist
The Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland 

P.S. I didn't see my reply on the digest. In case it did not get through, I wanted to thank everyone who replied to my earlier question, especially Phil Fearon, who provided the solution.