Thanks for the quick response.


Yes, I know XPath3 is not stabilized, but I (we) do not want to use XPath3 at all yet. We just want to migrate to 9.4.0.x to be compatible with eXist who want to move to this version as well.


I just checked the 9-3 source and there the nextToken method is identical… So it is in the creation of the xpath statements where something is changed. An attempt to create a standalone testcase (independent of BetterFORM) still did not succeed.


Just looked at the NamePool where the ClarkName is created and there definitely has been a big change there, so it might be related to something there.


If I need to provide some additional information (run it with breakpoints at certain places e.g.) let me know.







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As I'm sure you're aware, XPath 3.0 is still a moveable feast. The syntax for URILiterals has changed to


but I'm not sure without checking if Saxon 9.4 implements this change.

But I note that the error message still gives the old syntax.

You seem to be taking a branch were XPath 3.0 syntax is not enabled, and that will depend on how Saxon is invoked.

There's a lot of information in your post, I'll come back to it later today.

Michael Kay