I was toying around with parser performance on a 10mb XML file I need to transform later on in large volumes; to select the best method of processing when I came across the following numbers. My destination was in each of the cases a nop sax handler :


SAX JDK 1.6 (Xerces fork) : 280 ms

SAX Fastinfoset parser : 29 ms

SAX Fastinfoset parser -> Saxon Identity Transform : 186ms

SAX Fastinfoset parser -> JDK 1.6 Transfomer (Xalan XSLTC fork) Identity Transform :  120ms


Don’t mind the numbers itself, although properly executed with the server jvm in a loop it was on a simple box and other stuff was running. It’s the relative difference that I’m interested in.


Quite happy by the fast infoset numbers, I was adding stuff to just build up my pipeline. But what took me by surprise was the overhead the identity transform added. I verified a possible bogus construct by trying out the JDK’s transformer instead of Saxon and although it performed better it still adds some significant time. My assumption was that a such a transformation takes very little effort as it’s a popular (if not the defacto) way to get from SAX to DOM or vice versa, but obviously I was wrong. Can anyone offer an insight on what might be the cause ?


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