I have read in the archive that to add my own collator to Oxygen, I must drop the jar file in the oxygen lib folder. I have done this, and still get the same error message:
F [Saxon-B] Collation http://saxon.sf.net/collation?class=CzechCollation has not been defined.
The line from my XSLT file is:  <xsl:sort select="Author" collation="http://saxon.sf.net/collation?class=CzechCollation"/>
The jar tf command tell me the jar file contains the following manifest (I know very little about java):
However, when I click on the jar , I get the error message: "failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from ..." I assume this happens because the jar does not contain an application. Anyway, The CzechCollation.java file follows (Substantially shortened).

import java.text.ParseException;

import java.text.RuleBasedCollator;

public class CzechCollation extends RuleBasedCollator


public CzechCollation() throws ParseException




private static String upperAcuteA = new String("\u00c1");

private static String lowerAcuteA = new String("\u00e1");

private static String upperUmlatA = new String("\u00c4");

Many letter definations removed to keep email short

private static String upperHacekZ = new String("\u017d");

private static String lowerHacekZ = new String("\u017e");

private static String traditionalCzechRules =

("< A,a," + upperAcuteA + "," + lowerAcuteA + "," + upperUmlatA + "," + lowerUmlatA +

Many parts of the string removed to keep email short

"< Z,z <" + upperHacekZ + "," + lowerHacekZ);