It turns out that there was an  error in the class -- an extra comma. I removed each piece of punctuation one at a time and found it.
Sorry for the noise.

From: Michael Kay
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 1:12 AM
To: 'Mailing list for the SAXON XSLT and XQuery processor'
Subject: Re: [saxon] collation problem

I don't immediately know the answer and I've got limited internet access today to research it for you.
I would strongly suggest testing your collation class before trying to invoke it from Saxon. To do this add a method
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    System.err.println(new CzechCollation().compare(args[0], arg[1]));
and you will then be able to invoke your class directly from the command line, with two strings to be compared as arguments.
Michael Kay

From: [] On Behalf Of Mark Wilson
Sent: 16 July 2008 04:45
To: Mailing list for the SAXON XSLT and XQuery processor
Subject: Re: [saxon] collation problem

Hello, Tony.
That got me squared away. The collation class -- after some fiddling because of the error reported below -- now appears to work. However (and this is the wrong list to ask but I do not know where to go, can someone answer or point me there?), my fiddling made the error go away, but it seems somehow a very wrong fix.
The Error:
C:\Users\HP\saxon>java -cp "C:\Users\HP\saxon\saxon9.jar;CzechCollation.jar" net
.sf.saxon.Transform -xsl:Authors2.xsl -s:SelectedAuthors.xml  1>Sorted.xml
Warning: Failed to instantiate class CzechCollation: missing chars (=,;<&): < P,
p < Q,
Warning: Failed to instantiate class CzechCollation: missing chars (=,;<&): < P,
p < Q,
Error at xsl:copy on line 17 of Authors2.xsl:
  XTDE1035: Unknown collation
  in built-in template rule
Transformation failed: Run-time errors were reported
 I tried to put the missing chars below A,a, but it still failed. Then I put them below P,P [as the error message seemed to indicate and it failed UNLESS I put them on the same level as O,o
Worked: "<O,o, '(','=',',',';','&',')' < P,p."
Failed: "<O,o, < '(','=',',',';','&',')' < P,p."

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