My apologies ahead of time if this is not the proper forum!  This question is kind of a mix J.


I am pretty stuck here.  I need to use a COM object to basically get some information downloaded to a local machine (save in say “C:\Temp\mydata.txt) and then link to it in the output html (href = “C:\Temp\mydata.txt”).  I took a preliminary look at Micrsoft’s xslt processor, but got extremely frustrated since what I am doing is modifying some complex, existing xsl files written in xsl\xpath 2.0.  Of course, Microsoft doesn’t support 2.0, and their “MVPs” get very defensive when one suggests that this is bogus.


So, I downloaded Saxon 8.7.3, which has some very nice .NET objects for doing the transformations.  Nice job.  There is even a link in the help file that suggests that writing extension functions in .NET might be possible…the link is there, but the file dotnetextensions.htm is missing from the help system.  Bummer.


Finally, my question: can I write extensions in .NET in 8.7.3, or is there a way that anyone knows of to (easily?) create a java package from a COM dll that will run on the Sun 1.5 VM?  I was something somewhere that indicated this was possible, but the article was a bit stale (from 1999) and seemed to imply that it would work only on Microsoft’s VM.


Again, I am exceptionally new to xslt and saxon, so my apologies if this forum is not correct.






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