Hi Mike, just in case you can do a better job of spotting my Typos here are the targets:


  <target name="set.saxon.properties" depends="-pre-init">

    <property name="saxon.jar" location="${root.dir}/Bin/saxon9.jar"/>

    <property name="saxon-ant.jar" location="${root.dir}/Bin/saxon9-ant.jar"/>

    <pst:FileExistCheck file.property="saxon.jar"/>

    <pst:FileExistCheck file.property="saxon-ant.jar"/>

    <taskdef name="saxon-xslt" classname="net.sf.saxon.ant.AntTransform"



  <target name="SaxonTransform" depends="set_flags,set.saxon.properties" description="Run ${XSLFile} using Saxon against an ${XMLFile} results in ${OutFile}">

    <property name="xml.file" location="${XMLFile}"/>

    <pst:FileExistCheck file.property="xml.file"/>

    <property name="xsl.file" location="${XSLFile}"/>

    <pst:FileExistCheck file.property="xsl.file"/>

    <tempfile property="temp.file" suffix=".xml"/>

    <condition property="OutFile" value="${temp.file}">


        <isset property="OutFile"/>



    <property name="out.file" location="${OutFile}"/>

    <saxon-xslt in="${xml.file}" out="${out.file}" filenameparameter="filename" style="${xsl.file}" force="true" classpath="${saxon.jar}">

      <classpath location="${saxon.jar}"/>

      <param name="http://saxon.sf.net/feature/traceListenerClass" expression="net.sf.trace.XSLTTraceListener"/>

      <param name="debugparam" expression="${optionDebug}"/>


    <fixcrlf file="${out.file}"/>

    <echo level="info"

          message="debugparam set to &#34;${optionDebug}&#34;"/>

    <echo level="info"

          message="SaxonTransform from XMLFile=&#34;${XMLFile}&#34; using stylesheet XSLFile=&#34;${XSLFile}&#34; to OutFile=&#34;${out.file}&#34;"/>



Cheers Graham


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Hi Graham, sorry for the delay in responding.


If you are using the ant xslt task, or the Saxon AntTransform task derived from it, then the equivalent to the -T option on the command line is (in theory) to use a nested element


<attribute name=http://saxon.sf.net/feature/traceListenerClass"



I haven't actually tried it.


From: Heath, Graham [mailto:graham.heath@ts.fujitsu.com]
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Subject: [saxon] saxon9-ant.jar options

Hi guys, I am running the saxon9-ant.jar to invoke saxon from my ant script. The problem is that I wanted to activate the trace option and so far I have not stumbled on the right invocation.


Any help gratefully received.


Ciao Graham