On the face of it, this certainly looks like a bug (in variable inlining). Could you supply a repro please?


Michael Kay

From: Mark Gabriel [mailto:mgabriel@limehousesoftware.co.uk]
Sent: 12 August 2009 17:13
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Subject: [saxon] Lazy evaluation of variable with scope problem. Bug?

Hi all,


I’m using Saxon on the command line and trying to debug and profile some code from within out application and I’ve found this:


<xsl:variable name="autoNumberKey" select="string(@lhs:autoNumberKey)"/>

<xsl:number count="*[@lhs:autoNumberKey = $autoNumberKey]" from="document" level="any" format="1”/>


Seems to produce a different result to:


<xsl:variable name="autoNumberKey" select="string(@lhs:autoNumberKey)"/>

<xsl:message select="$autoNumberKey"/>

<xsl:number count="*[@lhs:autoNumberKey = $autoNumberKey]" from="document" level="any" format="1”/>


Should this really be happening??


How can I code around this to count all elements with the same @lhs:autoNumberKey value as the current node?





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