Thank you Michael,


I figured it out.  It is working.  There are some typos in the example. If you are interested, I could mention that.





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Sent: 17 August 2005 11:39
Subject: RE: [saxon] Saxon 8.5 - Where is QueryProcessor?


xquery here is a StaticQueryContext object. I'll update the examples to make this clearer. Meanwhile you may find the program in the samples/java directory helpful.


Michael Kay


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Sent: 17 August 2005 11:18
Subject: [saxon] Saxon 8.5 - Where is QueryProcessor?



I have upgraded to the most recent Saxon 8.5.


The examples on the Saxon site show a variable called xquery:


XQueryExpression exp = xquery.compileQuery("//book/title");


I was thinking to produce this variable like this in order to test the examples above:


            Configuration config = new Configuration();



            StaticQueryContext staticContext = new StaticQueryContext(config);

            QueryProcessor xquery = new QueryProcessor(staticContext);



But the QueryProcessor under the net.sf.saxon.query.* seems to be deprived, correct?


How do I do that now?