You should read the information that relates to licensing of the open source product here:
or for Saxon-B 9.1 here:
As a quick summary, with the usual caveats that I can't give legal advice, you can distribute saxon9.jar provided you tell your users what the licensing conditions are, and include copies of the legal notices associated with third party components which you will find in the NOTICES directory.


Michael Kay

From: Bryan Schnabel []
Sent: 27 May 2010 23:16
Subject: [saxon] Rules about including saxon9.jar in another open source tool

Being an open source developer I know this question could ding my credibility. But it would solve some problems for my next release of my xliffRoundTrip Tool ( if I could just include saxon9.jar.

I know I should be able to discover this by reading the fine print, but I must have a blind spot because I just can't find the answer.  Can I include saxon9.jar (this version: in my next release? Are there extra steps I need to take (license issues, notices, etc.)? Or am I out of luck?