If a stylesheet instruction is traced and there is no module attribute, that generally means the base URI of the stylesheet isn't known, which is generally because you used a StreamSource bound to an anonymous input stream. Try using the constructor new StreamSource(File), or set the SystemID property of the Source object.


Michael Kay

From: Todd Gochenour [mailto:todd.gochenour@gmail.com]
Sent: 26 March 2010 16:45
To: Mailing list for the SAXON XSLT and XQuery processor
Subject: Re: [saxon] XSLT Trace Output Missing File and Line Number

Looking at the source for net.sf.saxon.trace.AbstractTraceListener I see that the file attribute is indeed the input file as a <source/> tag is really reporting a change in context node.  What I'm looking for is the @module attribute of whatever tag gets generated by the enter() function.  I have none of these in my trace log.  Perhaps I have to turn it on, somehow...