This change to Saxon was to implement a change (or correction) to the spec, discussed here:

Michael Kay

On 19 Apr 2013, at 22:25, Gunther Rademacher wrote:

One of my tests has changed behaviour, because Saxon 9.5 now returns false() from
     xquery version '1.0';
', '.')
where previous versions returned true(). I understand that 9.5 behaves correctly
according to the XQuery 3.0 spec, but for 1.0, functions and operators has this:
       "If the s flag is not specified, the meta-character . matches any character
       except a newline (#x0A) character."
Yet that somehow contradicts this:
       "The regular expression syntax and semantics are identical to those defined in
       [XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes Second Edition] with the following additions"...
where the additions are not about '.' matching, and XML Schema says that '.' is
equivalent to [^\n\r]
This is in no way important for me, I'll change my code to leave the doubtful area.
But I thought I'd mention it anyway.
Best regards
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