questions arising:
1) When is 9.1 available?
2) can you mix and match s9api with jaxp or will I have to reimplement my jaxp processing engine?

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The interface for doing this is rather low-level, I'm afraid (there's a much cleaner interface coming as part of the 9.1 release of s9api).
Cast the Transformer to net.sf.saxon.Controller, and then use setMessageEmitter(Receiver r).
Each message (which in general is an XML document) is sent to the receiver as a sequence of events starting with a startDocument event and ending with endDocument. If you're only interested in the text of the message (no markup or typographical rendition), then write your Receiver as a subclass of net.sf.saxon.event.Sink, implementing two methods: characters() to append text to a StringBuffer, and endDocument() to display the contents of the StringBuffer to the screen (and empty the buffer).
Michael Kay

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Subject: [saxon] Getting message output and saxon errors from java

  I am using the JAXP interface and I am wondering how I can get hold of the message out put from the xslt processor so that I can display it on a screen for a user.  I would like to get it as it happens so I can build the output as it happens.