Dear Michael,


            Thanks for your quick response regards to my “NodeInfo” thread. I kind of understand your answer, but it still is not clear as to how would I solve my problem. May be describing my problem to you might help. Here it goes…..


            In my input xml for my transformation, my data looks like this:


<ip v="">





            I want to flatten the ports and results for that ip, i.e. my output xml file should look something like this:


            <ip v=””>

                        <portresult p=”21” r=”c”/>

                        <portresult p=”22” r=”l”/>



            As you can see, I just want to get the first value of port and associate with the first value of result and so on. I have an extension function in java, that takes my node ports and results, constructs list of portresults for me and I just do xsl:copy-of and dump that result tree in my output xml. It was working fine before, but once I switched to Saxon, it is broken. 


            I really hope that there is a workaround for this problem and I can’t thank you enough for all your help.