Instructions for calling Java methods from Saxon XSLT stylesheets can be found at
There are some examples in the documentation.
Michael Kay

From: Mohamed Noorulla []
Sent: 16 December 2008 14:02
Subject: [saxon] How will i use my java method / function in xsl ???

hi everyone,

    I need to pass the data to jFreechart from the XSL. Also, after making chart or graph by
that jfreechart java class. Then i may need to write a jFreeChart glue function that can be
called from XSL ( Is XSL can call Java ? ) which returns an (graph or chart) Image.

So for this operation, please guide me.

How will i use my java method / function  in xsl ??? If possible, please send me any example, which use java methods in xsl.

Please reply soon, i am waiting for your reply...