As Mike has mentioned in an earlier message we are currently investigating an  performance anomaly on SAxon .NET.

What is interesting is the time spent 'Waiting for synchronisation'

I came across this in my own profiling and it is still puzzling me what this exactly means because it seems most of the time is spent on this synchronisation thread.

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On 26/09/13 13:52, Emanuel Wlaschitz wrote:
I'm not exactly sure if this helps, but I've ran some tests using Docbook 5:
The definitive Guide and the official XSLT 2.0 stylesheets.

transform.exe* with about 2 seconds vs. the Api approach with about 8
In the profiler, the time required to run the two is somewhere around 12 vs.
20 seconds (due to profiler overhead). I hope the results come thru, I tried
to attach them as zip (which are the results exported from RedGate ANTS
Performance Profiler 8.2 as both XML and HTML, for transform.exe and
Saxon.Api respectively), but I can't tell if they really end up on the list.
The time spent in Controller.transform differs by about a second between the
two, or even 4 seconds looking at wall-clock time (including the time
waiting for synchronization).
I don't know what that could mean, or if it would mean anything, as the
stacktrace simply looks like XSL processing (duh).

My testcase is still running with the profiler, and I don't expect it to
finish within the next hour, but I'll keep you posted on anything I might
see in there.

*) Actually, I didn't profile transform.exe, but I used two methods in my
test program. Transform is the one I posted earlier (using Saxon.Api), while
TransformDirect uses Transform.doTransform just like transform.exe does (and
it really gets the same performance there).

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