It ist one, which uses URI, actually 7.6.




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Generally the policy in Saxon is to delegate all URI handling to Java.


You don't say which Saxon version you are using. Older versions use the class, newer versions use


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I'm trying to read my xsl transformations from a jar file that is by creating a StreamSource with
a system_id argument starting something like "jar:file:/E:/xx...". This does work. But if
the transformation xsl:includes some other transformation by specifying a relative path the

Load fails.

Looking  closer into the source code, I found that usage of URI::resolve(relative path) in StandardURIResolver
just returns the relative path unchanged, if it has been constructed with a path, which starts with "jar:file:/...".

I do not know whether what I tried is supposed to work, but I found that it actually did work, when using the JDK1.4.2
included xalan. So I found the effect worth mentioning.


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