The only problem with setSourceParserClass is that its scope may be too wide, especially if you want to use a specialized parser such as TagSoup for parsing HTML.
In XQJ you have
public void bindDocument(QName varname, Source value, XQItemType type)
which allows you to supply any kind of Souce, including a SAXSource; you can initialize a SAXSource with the XMLReader (=parser) that you want to use for that specific document.
Michael Kay

From: Copeland, Paul []
Sent: 15 December 2008 22:57
Subject: [saxon] Selecting parser for xquery via xqj

What is the right way to choose a parser for xquery using xqj?
The javadoc for net.sf.saxonica.Configuration somewhat discourages the use of method setSourceParserClass.
I am planning to use Configuration.setURIResolver(...) and XQDynamicContext.bindDocument(...)
Those seem to be ways to control what type of parser is used.  Is there another way (property, etc.)?
Thanks - Paul Copeland