Whenever I try to write a template match that can match against function items, I get the following error:

Engine name: Saxon-PE
Severity: fatal
Description: The item type function() is available only when XPath 3.0 is enabled
Start location: 15:1
URL: http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt20/#err-XTSE0340

However, the stylesheet has version 3.0 and setting the xslt version on the command line or through a configuration file (I tried both), didn't help. Example to reproduce this error:

<xsl:template match="~function(*)">

Because this is a new feature of the up and coming XSLT 3.0 standard, it may very well be that it is not implemented yet, but the error seems to suggest it is available, but that I somehow need to fix the configuration to allow XPath 3.0. However, most other XPath 3.0 features work without a problem.


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