An XSLT stylesheet can get input in a number of ways:

(a) as the value of the initial context item. This is a single item, typically a single document, and can be supplied on the command line using the -s option. The value is available within the stylesheet as "." or "/".

(b) as a stylesheet parameter. This is any value, for example a document node. If you want to supply a document from the command line, declare a parameter like this:

<xsl:param name="p"/>

and supply the parsed document from the command line using +p=file2.xml. The value can be referenced within the stylesheet as $p.

(c) using the doc() function. You can read a document from within the stylesheet by calling say doc('file2.xml')

Michael Kay

On 27/10/2012 11:14, Kristin wrote:

I´m trying to transform two lists into one with Saxon, but I´m doing something wrong.

I have two XML-files and a stylesheet.
This is supposed to be ONE html-file.

I´ve tried theese two lines in the command prompt:
(It works if I use only one file!)

Transform -s:file.xml file2.xml -xsl:style.xsl -o:html.html

.. and..

Transform -s:file.xml -s:file2.xml -xsl:style.xsl -o:html.html

Help? :)

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