In Saxon PE/EE you can use saxon:import-query to import an XQuery library module into XSLT, and you can then call the XQuery functions as if they were XSLT functions. See

(Sorry for the lack of examples!)

xsl:function is a standard XSLT 2.0 feature and therefore available with Saxon-HE.

Michael Kay

On 18/09/2012 03:03, Darin McBeath wrote:
Perhaps, this is a dumb question but all of the examples I've seen for using xquery are either from the command line or from java.  I haven't seen any examples from within xslt.  I could probably use xsl:function but was wondering about xquery.  If it's possible, it would be great to see an example.  Also, does xsl:function come with HE or would I need PE or EE?



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