I find a useful pattern for this is to write the query so it returns nothing if the input is valid, and returns a document detailing the errors if the input is invalid.

So the query might be:

for $x in doc("stores.xml")/stores/store
 where not($x/state and $x/store-number)
 return <error store="{$x/@id}" desc="store must have both a state and a store-number"/>

The advantage of this approach is that you can report an arbitrary number of errors in a single query.

Michael Kay

On 29/08/2012 12:45, Gleb Gawriljuk wrote:

I hope it is ok to ask generla xQuery questions here.
My Problem: I need to check XML file, whether they have a certain structure with certain node-names. However I can only use xQuery  but no schema(e.g. XSD) with Saxon 8.9(cannot use different version) 
I tryied folowing xquery to validate a store node: 

 for $x in doc("stores.xml")/stores/store
 where $x/state and $x/store-number
 return $x

How ever, no error is returned if the where-conditions are not fullfiled. I just get an empty xml.
So is there a way to validated a xml so that, if the structure( or even the node names) are not valid saxon would return an error?

Kind regards,

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