Saxon 9.3 did include a very basic implementation of maps, which is documented here:

There's no mention of the "map{}" syntax, so I assume it was not implemented. It's probably fair to assume that it wasn't very extensively tested either.

Note also that the namespace has changed between 9.3 and 9.4.

Michael Kay

On 23/05/2012 13:04, David Rudel wrote:
I'm using Oxygen, which currently only includes Saxon 9.3 [rather than 9.4].

This means, I think, that I cannot use the various extension functions [map:entry, map:net,etc.], but I should still be able to use map{key := value}.

I get an error when I use the following expression

<xsl:variable name="opMap" select="map{'a' := 1}"/>

The error is: Description: Node constructor expressions are allowed only in XQuery, not in XPath

I have requested access to XPath 3.0 by using <<version="3.0">> in the <xsl:stylesheet> tag.

When I run this using Saxon 9.4 via an external tool, I don't get this error.

Is there no support for maps as XDM objects in Saxon 9.3?



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