I've succeeded in reproducing it, by creating a series of 5000 messages each containing only a document node. It's pseudo-random because it's an alignment issue; it only happens when the end of the document is exactly aligned with the end of the array allocated to contain it, which is initially 4000 entries. So by creating 5000 message documents containing one node each I managed to hit the condition reproducibly.

Next challenge is how to fix it without introducing either bugs or performance regressions for other use cases.

Michael Kay

On 17/05/2012 13:58, Cuzner Stephen P wrote:

Attached is the code snippet  that is performing the validity test for tables and generating the error messages that appear to be giving us the problem. The called template, “tableFormChecker” is called before a table is processed by our table rendering stylesheet. Since defeating this test process the intermittent failure situation has gone away.

Steve Cuzner