The issue with the converter cache will be fixed in the next maintenance release: see

I haven't seen evidence that the URI cache causes similar problems. In this case the objects held in the cache are simple strings and booleans so it shouldn't lock down any significant resources. If you do believe it is causing a problem, you can always set the Configuration property FeatureKeys.XSD_VERSION to "1.1", in which case the StandardURIChecker will not be used (in XSD 1.1, all strings are valid for xs:anyURI).

Michael Kay

On 30/04/2012 10:30, Sam (Stephen Samuel) wrote:

Saxon 9.4 has a couple of memory leak issues when used in a Tomcat container. The issue is the use of the ThreadLocal's in the following classes.


Basically the thread locals are created by the webapp classloader, which means that they hold a reference to that classloader, so it cannot be released.

We need someway of clearing these. I couldn't see when a Configuration is created / freed.


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