When you use the option -dtd:on, Saxon will enable DTD validation whenever it asks the XML parser to parse a document. It never does DTD validation except when parsing. The only way to achieve this is to do the validation by re-parsing the serialized output. I'm not aware of any DTD validator that operates independently of an XML parser.

This is in contrast to XSD validation, which is done quite separately from XML parsing.

Michael Kay

On 28/03/2012 17:08, Paul M wrote:

I created 2.0 xslt and added this 
        <xsl:result-document validation="strict">

believing running the following on the command line
net.sf.saxon.Transform -dtd:on
might check the output document. But after investigating,  appears net.sf.saxon.Transform only checks source documents against dtd?

If I wanted to check my output xml documents conform to dtd, how would I use saxon jar on command line for this, if possible?
Or another command line util, if possible?


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