RE: Creating a Saxon-HE Maven project and deploying it to the Maven Central Repository

Dear All,

We have had over the years user requests for making the open source Saxon product available via Maven and I have assigned the task to make it happen.

I am pretty new to Maven and have spent several hours trying to get Saxon-HE deployed to the Maven central repository and still not have had much success. I am hoping that someone on the mailing list has had better success with Maven, which can help or at least point me in the write direction with some useful advice.

First a question about requirements: is there a need to deploy in such a way that Saxon can be built from the Subversion source repository, or do we only need to deposit the JAR file?

I have read many guides, forum posts and the Maven website itself (, but it all seems overly complicated and difficult to find the right information. However I found a guide which was somewhat easier to follow:

I have followed the general setup of creating a POM.xml file with the project configuration. If I can get some interest in this topic I will issue the POM.xml file.

Most of the documentation suggests maven needs to build from the source, which isn't easy given the complexity of the Saxon build. Therefore I included the ant plugin which allows us to build the product in an ant script wrapped in Maven.  I have reached the point where I need to deploy the product and it's not tying together the ant build and the compiled code.

It may turn out that I am doing totally the wrong thing. Any offers of help are welcome.

Kind regards,

O'Neil Delpratt
Software Developer, Saxonica Limited
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