On 13/10/2011 14:21, El Mokhtar Hamidi wrote:

Hi Everybody,


I’m planning to upgrade my XSLTs to version 3.0, before that I would  like to see if there is some advantages. So, I’m looking for some Documentation or Notes with the new Features of XSLT 3.0.


The only spec currently available is


(It has been renumbered from 2.1 to 3.0 since that was published).

New features are listed in Appendix J.

Saxon-EE 9.3 implements some of the streaming features (though not in exactly the way described in the spec). It also implements try/catch, xsl:evaluate, and xsl:iterate.

You need to be aware that this is a first working draft, and that everything in the spec is subject to change; Saxon's policy is to implement new features in Working Drafts as early as possible, but to change them if the spec subsequently changes, without regard to compatibility.

Michael Kay