On 03/06/2011 10:35, Jayarajan, Divya wrote:
Currently we are upgrading from Saxon 8.4 to Saxon 8.9.Can I get a documentation on how different Saxon 8.9 from Saxon8.4.Immediate help is appreciated.

Glad you're moving forward, but why not move all the way to Saxon 9.3, which is the current release? Saxon 8.9 dates from 2007.

There's lots of documentation on the changes; your problem will be that there is so much, it's very hard to digest. Details of release-by-release changes from Saxon 8.1 to Saxon 8.9 are at


and from 9.0 to 9.3 at


I wouldn't recommend trying to read all this, it will take too long. Just try to do the conversion, see what breaks, and then address any problems you encounter.

Michael Kay

Thanks in advance,
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