On 28/02/2011 09:32, Christophe Marchand wrote:
Hi Michael,

I consider moving from JAXP/DOM to ???/S9API the whole content of my project (1200 classes, 250.000 lines, 300 XSL). I use lots of XPath 2.0 instructions. As it will be a huge job, in terms of code & Q/A, I am quite cautious...

I still have some questions :
The s9api interface is designed primarily for controlling XSLT, XQuery, and XPath processing; it is not designed as a tree-navigation interface to compete with DOM. Equally, the Saxon NodeInfo interface for tree navigation is designed primarily to support the needs of XPath etc, not for direct use by applications. If you want to manipulate XML using a procedural, navigational API then I would recommend XOM. Saxon and s9api will interwork with XOM very comfortably. Ideally, though, my recommendation would be to avoid low-level XML processing in Java, in favour of implementing as much as possible of your application using XSLT and XQuery.

Michael Kay

Solved issues are :

Thanks a lot in advance,
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