On 01/03/2011 13:23, Kunal Chauhan wrote:

The context item for a query is by definition a single item, so you cannot bind two documents to it. However, you can bind the two documents to separate external variables using explicit variable names in the call to xqe.bindItem (or bindDocument). In principle you can bind a sequence of several documents to a single external variable using xqe.bindSequence(), but as far as I can see in XQJ the only way of constructing an XQSequence object is as the result of a query, which isn't very convenient.

Michael Kay


 Can any one suggest me that how can we bind multiple xml file as
input source to SaxonXQExpression

for ex:
xqe = (SaxonXQExpression)con.createExpression();
xqe.bindItem(XQConstants.CONTEXT_ITEM, itemDoc);
xqe.bindItem(XQConstants.CONTEXT_ITEM, itemDocLab);

as above example i want to bind 2 document itemDoc and itemDocLab to a
single SaxonXQExpression object

please guide me

Kunal Chauhan

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