What makes you think this failure is anything to do with Saxon? There is no Saxon code on the stack trace.

Michael Kay

On 31/01/2011 10:50, Pierre wrote:
Hey everyone,

I'm executing an XSLT using saxon that works fine when I test my app in
local but that crashes when running live on the GAE. I have seen posts that claim Saxon works on the GAE, but no working code. I've asked the same question on the Gaelyk list (http://groups.google.com/group/gaelyk/browse_thread/thread/c52109fe69611f70) and the error doesn't seem to come from Groovy.

The code looks like:
        def translator = params.translator ?: "'The received
translation was null.'"
        def input = params.input ?: "'The received input was null.'"

        def StringWriter sw = new StringWriter()
        def Processor proc = new Processor(false)
        def XsltCompiler comp = proc.newXsltCompiler()
        def Serializer out = new Serializer()

        def XsltExecutable exp = comp.compile(new StreamSource(new
        def XdmNode source = proc.newDocumentBuilder().build(new
StreamSource(new StringReader(input)))

        out.setOutputProperty(Serializer.Property.METHOD, "xml")
        out.setOutputProperty(Serializer.Property.INDENT, "yes")
        def XsltTransformer trans = exp.load()


        result = sw.toString()

And I get the following error: http://pastebin.com/h559rYzk

Any tip/idea where that could come from would be welcome :)

All the best,

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