The phrase saxon(8-9) covers a very large number of different releases, and it's important to be specific which release you are using. There have been a few developments designed to reduce the risk of the NamePool filling up.

In particular, it's filling here during resolveCallsToCurrentFunction, which generates a random variable name; in earlier releases variable names were added to the NamePool, but that is no longer the case.

Michael Kay

On 29/12/2010 13:58, Bavin Victor wrote:
Hi! I use saxon (8-9) intensivly as I know it as the most productive solution for XSLT-transformation  for web-applications.
Usually uptime is about couple of weeks, then appear this problem in one exact module:
Caused by:$NamePoolLimitException: Saxon name pool is full
       at net.sf.saxon.expr.ExpressionTool.resolveCallsToCurrentFunction(

Does anybody have this kind of problems, can it be solved in other ways then restarting servlet-container ?
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