The most likely explanation is that although you have Saxon-PE installed, you are still using it in HE mode. Presumably the [junit] in your messages indicates that you are loading Saxon using an API from a Java program. Chances are, it is loading up a "standard" Configuration rather than a ProfessionalConfiguration. For example, if using s9api, use "new Processor(true)". Without seeing the code, I can't be more specific than that.

Michael Kay

On 28/10/2010 13:34, Stéphane Vilboux wrote:

Our Java application uses Saxon-B and we are planning to switch to Saxon-PE .  In order to test the compatibility of our application with the latter I switched libraries to Saxon-PE .

Unfortunately when running our unit tests I get the following error :

[junit] Error on line 47 of some_file.xqy:
[junit]   XPST0017: Cannot find a matching 1-argument function named {}path()

despite the fact that some_file.xqy has

declare namespace saxon="";

at the beginning.

According to the saxon:path function should be available, did I miss something ?

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Stéphane Vilboux
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