It would be useful to know whether this gives the same results on other XSLT processors. In other words, are you submitting this as a Saxon bug, or are you simply asking for XSLT programming advice? If the latter, a better place is the xsl-list at - though I'll try to find time to look at it anyway.

Michael Kay

On 23/09/2010 3:13 PM, Jens Henrik Gabe wrote:
When overriding a template from a 2nd level import in several 1st level imports, only the last overriding template "survives"!
We are using SAXON v9.2.1.1
The attached files details the issue:
test.func.xsl are imported by both test.sub1.xsl and test.sub2.xsl, and the template with mode="value" are overridden in both importing files.
Transforming the test.xml with test.front.xsl should result in
but the result is:
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