Saxon is not itself an XSL-FO processor. But Saxon is often used to generate XSL-FO output, which is then processed by an XSL-FO processor such as FOP. The usual processing pipeline is first to convert your application XML vocabulary to XSL-FO (using Saxon), then to convert the XSL-FO to (say) PDF using (say) FOP.

Michael Kay

On 06/09/2010 8:15 AM, Sanjay Pant wrote:
Hi All,
     I am new to Saxon Xslt, I would like to know if Saxon support XSL:FO.
I had windows service that process one xml  to another, but now I need to Upgrade it to xsl2.0.
I need to add support for XSL:FO as well, so I am looking for xsl parser, that support xslt2.0 and XSL:FO  as well.
So if anyone have any info regarding XSL:FO support in saxon, please help me. If possible please provide me some sample for using XSL:FO .
Sanjay Pant
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