They may have been expecting this to be run with the old "Instant Saxon" product that is no longer in existence because it relied on the Microsoft Java VM - but looking at it, that seems unlikely since it's using Unixy file names.

Or they might have been expecting there to be a shell script around called saxon.bat or

You can easily modify the command to invoke Saxon using the Java command line - just replace "saxon" with "java net.sf.saxon.Transform" and perhaps an appropriate setting of the classpath.

But the fact that the package suppliers have obviously been a bit careless in their packaging suggests that you might end up having to dig a bit deeper to get it to work, for example you might find that their code is dependent on a particular Saxon version.

Michael Kay

On 05/08/2010 01:09, Grant W. Petty wrote:

I have just installed a package called tbook that is supposed to be able to convert XML to other formats, e.g., LaTeX.

In the script that does the conversion, there is a line that looks like this:

  saxon -w0 $2.xml /usr/local/share/xml/tbook/tbtoltx.xsl html-equations=bitmaps html-extension='.html' \
                               $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 | tbrplent > $2.tex ;

The command 'saxon' is not found on my machine, nor was there any mention in the INSTALL file of any need to install anything called 'saxon'.   When I found the Saxon package via an online search, it sounded appropriate in terms of what it does, and  I found references to Saxon being called via Java, but no reference to a standalone command of the above form.

I know nothing about Java or Saxon; just wondering if anyone can tell me what I have do (under Mac OS X 10.6) to satisfy the above line in the script.


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