Sometimes adding a NamespaceReducer to the pipeline solves such problems. This class basically implements namespace fixup rules, for example it would generate the xmlns="" when it's needed.

Michael Kay

On 18/07/2010 20:11, Norman Walsh wrote:
Michael Kay <> writes:

Well the error message says that you've issued a startElement event for 
an element with no prefix and no namespace URI, and now you're trying to 
issue a namespace declaration of the form xmlns="abc.uri", which is 
inconsistent with the element being in no namespace.
That's not what I'm trying to do. I've tried to issue a startElement
with a nameCode for a name that's in no namespace. My current
hypothesis is that the fact that there is a default namespace in scope
is causing the problem.

Based on the API calls I've made, Saxon wants to write <child/> which
would be an error. I need to have made API calls such that Saxon wants
to write <child xmlns=""/>. Clearly I've left out something.

I'm working on building a test case now which I hope will illuminate
my error.

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