Applying patches to the .NET product isn't easy - there's a lot of tooling involved to build the product.

I would suggest that the simplest workaround is to change your format-date() calls to specify "en" as the language parameter. As far as I can see, you're not explicitly wanting Norwegian output, your set-up is just asking for it by default because that's your default system Locale. But the patch cited below should solve it once it's incorporated into a maintenance release (for which there is no current timescale, before you ask!)

Michael Kay

On 17/06/2010 10:46, wrote:

Dear Michael,


The following XML has been created using VS 2008 (.Net 3.5/.Net2.0), and as you can see the Language:en is present.

I am running Windows 7 with English language in Norway, although the latter shouldn’t matter I believe.


- <head>

  <meta name="timestamp" content="2010.6.16 [Language: en]14:[Language: en]51:[Language: en]57" />

  <meta name="subject" content="skyting_FYLK" />

  <meta name="foldername" content="Ut-Satellitt" />

  <meta name="filename" content="2010-6-16_[Language: en]14-[Language: en]51-[Language: en]57_Ut-Sat_SPO_TAB_skyting_FYLK.xml" />

  <meta name="NTBTjeneste" content="Nyhetstjenesten" />


I was then using the files in the saxonhe9-2-1-1n – library. Sorry for writing up the version number wrong.


I will check out the patch and see if I am able to patch up my version.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have registered for the list, but found out that my Outlook is set up with the long version of my e-mail. I shall change my settings on the list.

I shall see if I can find the link to the information I found regarding my current issue.


Kind regards,


Trond Husø


From: Michael Kay []
Sent: 17. juni 2010 11:31
To:; Husø, Trond
Subject: Re: [saxon] [Language:en] in 9-2-2-1


The other thing I would point out here is that the patch described at

is not present in release - it was released a couple of days later. (And there is no

Michael Kay

On 16/06/2010 14:06, wrote:

Hi List,


Found a post related to the tags [Language:en] coming up in transformed documents. I am running .Net and this issue comes up in documents that are in Norwegian.


Shall I use the suggested config-file solution?


Where do I find the config-files?


Does this cfg-file work with only Professional / Enterprise editions, or also the community one?


Kind regards,


Trond Husø

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