There's a fair bit of history to this one, and if you've found a particular post that you want to ask about, it would be useful to say where you found it to avoid any misunderstandings.

Saxon configuration files were introduced in 9.2 and work only with the Professional or Enterprise Editions. In the Home Edition, you have to set the configuration options you want manually/individually, either from the command line or through the Java API.

Michael Kay

On 16/06/2010 14:06, wrote:

Hi List,


Found a post related to the tags [Language:en] coming up in transformed documents. I am running .Net and this issue comes up in documents that are in Norwegian.


Shall I use the suggested config-file solution?


Where do I find the config-files?


Does this cfg-file work with only Professional / Enterprise editions, or also the community one?


Kind regards,


Trond Husø

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