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We are working for a WEB2.0 research open source project in which XML/XSL components should be retrieved from inside a DMZ, hence going through a proxy. Your library - expecially georges.jar seem to fit to this purpose. We just need to transform XML using XSL transformations, and have - strictly considered - the instruction to use only free open source software. Is there a form of using a sublibrary of saxonica inside the GNU licence but with http-proxy settings? How much would a single license cost? The licence will be placed on one single server.

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Michael Kay a écrit :

 > Saxon Professional or Enterprise Edition are available without cost to non-commercials opensource projetcs?  
No, sorry, they are only available on commercial terms.
If you need the functionality of an extension such as saxon:line-number in an open-source application project, you can usually implement an equivalent as part of the application. Saxon-HE doesn't allow dynamic linking of extension functions loaded from the classpath, but it does allow "integrated extension functions" that are explicitly supplied by the application.
Information is here:


Michael Kay


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