I am probably missing something trivial here but I keep on getting


Exception in thread "main" net.sf.saxon.javax.xml.xquery.XQException: Java object cannot be converted to an XQuery value

        at net.sf.saxon.xqj.StandardDOMHandler.convertToItem(StandardDOMHandler.java:211)

        at net.sf.saxon.xqj.StandardDOMHandler.fromObject(StandardDOMHandler.java:56)

        at net.sf.saxon.xqj.SaxonXQDataFactory.createItemFromObject(SaxonXQDataFactory.java:280)

        at net.sf.saxon.xqj.SaxonXQDynamicContext.bindObject(SaxonXQDynamicContext.java:102)

        at foo.SaxonExtJavaObject.main(SaxonExtJavaObject.java:26)


Example code is


package foo;

import java.util.Properties;

import javax.xml.namespace.QName;

import net.sf.saxon.javax.xml.xquery.XQConnection;

import net.sf.saxon.javax.xml.xquery.XQException;

import net.sf.saxon.javax.xml.xquery.XQPreparedExpression;

import net.sf.saxon.javax.xml.xquery.XQResultSequence;

import net.sf.saxon.xqj.SaxonXQDataSource;


public class SaxonExtJavaObject {

  public String f() {

    return "Some string";


  public static void main(String[] args) throws XQException {

    SaxonXQDataSource xqds = new SaxonXQDataSource();

    XQConnection xqc = xqds.getConnection();

    String expr=

      "declare namespace sejo='java:foo.SaxonExtJavaObject'; " +

      "declare variable $user external; " +


    XQPreparedExpression e = xqc.prepareExpression(expr);

    e.bindObject(new QName("user"), new SaxonExtJavaObject(), null);

    XQResultSequence resSeq = e.executeQuery();

    System.out.println(resSeq.getSequenceAsString(new Properties()));




It’s unclear to me how I should bind the SaxonExtJavaObject.


All help greatly appreciated!







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Yes, you can use any of the bindXXX methods in the XQDynamicContext interface, which is implemented by XQExpression and XQPreparedExpression. For example


XQPreparedExpression exp = ...


exp.bindString(new QName("user"), "myusername", null);


Michael Kay



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To: saxon-help@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [saxon] XQuery XQJ and Java objects as external variables



I am trying to use XQJ to pass in a Java object as an external variable


E.g. this could be the query


declare namespace u="java:package.User";

declare variable $user external;



I have a way of doing this using Saxon’s “proprietary” API, but can this be done using XQJ?


Any guidance warmly welcomed,