In version 8.6.1 I have used an own TraceListener. Now in version 8.9 I get less informations there. If I have an simple XSLT script with a template with match="/" and then a for-each - before I got two enter events with infotype less then 1024 to get the correct name and do some stuff. Now I get an int of 2007 for the for-each:

    int infotype = instruction.getConstructType();
    if(infotype < 1024)
      name = StandardNames.getDisplayName(infotype);

I use the TraceListener to get the relativ xPath of a select in value-of or a match in for-each etc. to its parent. And I want to use the TraceListener for a Debugger, too. In the moment I use only Xalan for this. Are there detailed information about all the Objects needed for this? Its hard to find e.g. the StandardNames.getDiplayName() above.

Viele Grüße / best regards

Marc Pellmann (Software Architect)

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