Hi Mike!
You're right that attributes of literal result elements in XSLT aren't being notified to the TraceListener. I will fix this. They will in future be notified with construct type Location.LITERAL_RESULT_ATTRIBUTE, a constant which was intended for that purpose.
Thank you!
As far as I can see the local variable is being notified to your TraceListener but your TraceListener is not doing anything with the information. You have some code in there which successfully detects it as Location.LET_EXPRESSION and then does nothing with it.
Yes, but I do not get the right information about the source path. If I call this

        /* get the xpath of the source node */
        Item item = context.getContextItem();
        if(item instanceof NodeInfo) {
          NodeInfo nodeInfo = (NodeInfo) item;
          _sourcePath = Navigator.getPath(nodeInfo);

I get "/" in _sourcePath, but the Node, that is realy visited in the given example is "/Order/Title"
When you say you want paths to the nodes, are you referring here to nodes in the stylesheet? This is actually more feasible now than it was, because when tracing is enabled the stylesheet tree is actually retained in memory at run-time, which was not the case at one time. In fact, you already seem to be doing this with the following code:
I have had problems with some paths. I will test this and post the special case, where it happens.
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