Hello Michael!
It would help if you explain what you are trying to achieve with your TraceListener.
It is for the visual XSLT Mapper that is used in our inubit Integration Server. I have a TreeView for the source and a TreeTableView for the script. The user could map from the source to the script, visually by drag and drop. It is a complex task to get the correct XPath from the source for e.g. the value-of if you are in a deep template stack. So I use the tracelistener, to find the XPath by at this place. An other task is to mark all nodes in the source document, that are used by the script. A third is to get the relation from one node in the source to all that are using this in the script and the other way, too. For the debugger I use the Xalan interface at the moment (but saxon could be better here, too). I need/use unique XPath values to mark the nodes in my views.
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